Happy new year everyone! May 2012 be filled with lots of lolita cheer! Hope everyone has been having fun. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to do a year recap on, due to the fact that I redid my blog a million times. xD So, this post will be a short one.

New Years is the time of resolutions, and I have many!

  1. Become a better blogger! This is one of my main goals. I have been failing, but I am trying! I will succeed!
  2. Have more handmade lolita in my wardrobe. I never bother to make a complete, detailed, professional finished out for myself.
  3. Go more OTT! I love OTT, especially OTT classic. I adore accessory overloads, fancy hair and lots and lots of details!
  4. Learn Doll Making, Violin and Ballroom Dancing. All lovely hobbies that work so well with a lolita lifestyle!

What are your Lolita resolutions? I’d love to hear them!