To Wish You a Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! May 2012 be filled with lots of lolita cheer! Hope everyone has been having fun. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to do a year recap on, due to the fact that I redid my blog a million times. xD So, this post will be a short one.

New Years is the time of resolutions, and I have many!

  1. Become a better blogger! This is one of my main goals. I have been failing, but I am trying! I will succeed!
  2. Have more handmade lolita in my wardrobe. I never bother to make a complete, detailed, professional finished out for myself.
  3. Go more OTT! I love OTT, especially OTT classic. I adore accessory overloads, fancy hair and lots and lots of details!
  4. Learn Doll Making, Violin and Ballroom Dancing. All lovely hobbies that work so well with a lolita lifestyle!

What are your Lolita resolutions? I’d love to hear them!


To Accessorize for Winter


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Winter’s approaching along with lots of fuzzy accessories! Fall/Winter is by far my favorite time of the year. Cold weather means velvets, fur and heavy cotton. It also means piling on cute accessories without dieing of heat. Here are some types of winter accessories:

Coats:   Winter coats are a must have in cold weather and I must say, before I got into lolita I hated wearing them, but that is not the case anymore. ♥ I hope to buy another before it gets warm again.   

Brand Coat
Off Brand Coat









Jackets:   For those of us who are cold, but don’t want to cover up our skirt. ^^

Brand Jacket
Off Brand Jacket









Capelets:   Capelets are wonderful. They can give off a kind of “Red Riding Hood” feel and keep you warm.

Brand Capelet
Off Brand Capelet









Fur Capelets:   I’ve never owned one of these, but they are adorable and I bet they are even warmer than normal capelets!

Brand Fur Capelet
Off Brand Capelet

Cardigans:   I love cardigans. They are great to wear by themselves when it isn’t too cold, or under a coat for extra warmth!

Brand Cardigan
Off Brand Cardigan









Boleros:    Boleros are awesome if you can find the right shirt to wear them over. Boleros are great for keeping your arms warm without hiding too much of your blouse.

Brand Bolero
Off Brand Bolero









Detachable Fur Collars:   I love these so much! They keep your neck warm and look great over a coat that isn’t already fur trimmed.

Brand Fur Collar
Off Brand Fur Collar

Earmuffs:   I love these things to death since I dislike getting really cold ears. Now if someone could come up with something cute that keeps your nose warm. . . .

Brand Earmuffs
Off Brand Earmuffs









Shoes with Fur Detailing: Winter comes along and fur gets put on everything, even shoes. These Bodyline Shoes: I can’t whether I hate them or really love them…

Brand Shoes with Fur
Off Brand Shoes with Fur










These are just some of the many lovely winter accessories out there. What are some of your favorites?

To Rise from the Dead and Start this Blog Up Again!

I am back everyone! For real this time! I am sorry it took so long. I decided on not having a header because it wasn’t necessary looked a little awkward on the background, but I am finally happy with the appearance of my blog! The background is mouse-drawn by me, and I am pretty proud of it.


From this point on I shall not be a lazy blogger anymore! Future posts will include:

  • Long posts giving advice to other lolitas, discussing my opinion on various things and talking about trends, concepts and other related topics.
  • Tutorials! I really hope to make some good tutorials in the near(ish) future.
  • Photoshoots. I’ve been taking a lot of cosplay photoshoots recently. Now I just need to take some loli ones!
  • One photo posts, item spotlights and quick musings.

I hope my incredibly long hiatus didn’t bore all of you to death. Please keep reading and commenting! I would really like feedback so leave some in a comment!

Thank you all very much!  ^^

100 Ways to Lolita-ify your Day, Month and Life


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Lolita Lifestyle is just as important as the fashion in my eyes. I like living in a fantasy world and filling my life with cute/creepy/elegant things. The real world is so stressful, these are things you can do to cheer up your day and fill your life with Lolita goodness!

  1. Learn to sew. Make your own dresses, head bows, skirts and blouses!
  2. Learn to draw. Buy the art book ”GothicLolitaPunk” for inspiration.
  3. Buy a tea set and have afternoon tea everyday possible.
  4. Bake cupcakes! Find a good recipe and make it your own!
  5. Buy a dress-form to display your favorite dress.
  6. Buy clip-on ponytails or a elegant wig.
  7. Join the EGL community,EGL_Comm_Sales, and Sew_loli.
  8. When going to an anime convention, attend all the Lolita related panels.
  9. Get a Ball Joint Doll.
  10. Start a collection miscellaneous cute things. Such as tea cups,  jewelry, stuffed animals, ect.
  11. If you are in school, deco your school supplies.
  12. Stock up on parasols and umbrellas.
  13. Visit all your local tea shops.
  14. Get some clothing a bit out of your comfort zone. If you always wear classic, buy a punk piece. If cupcakes are your thing, try spiders.
  15. Decorate your bedroom in a style that matches your dresses! This could be like a lush Gothic castle, a light Victorian feel, or a bright pink, sparkly stuffed animal filled paradise.
  16. Read Alice in Wonderland. Yes the book. Too many people talk about how much “they love Alice in Wonderland” and have only seen the movie(s).
  17. Watch movies directed by Tim Burton. He is amazing. His movies always have that creepy-yet-elegant Gothic feel.
  18. Throw a tea party!
  19. Watch Rozen Maiden or Kuroshitsuji (or other Lolita-ish anime).
  20. Stock up on accessories! Wrist Cuffs, Bags, Cell phone chains… Continue reading

To Share Some Music that Inspires Her


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I have always had trouble describing the type of music I listen too. I usually say something like “Uh. . . Vocaloid and uh Visual Kei. . . and Ali Project, whatever genre that is. . . and random geeky anime related stuff. . .” Elegant right? Anyways, quite bit of the music I listen to I find really inspiring when I design Lolita clothing, and I thought I would spotlight a couple of those songs. Continue reading

The Hardships of Being a Young Lolita


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With Lolita fashion being what it is, you would expect the majority of the people wearing it to be young girls. This is not the case. From my experience, it appears that most Lolitas are in their twenty’s, and you would be hard pressed to find very many Lolis under the age of seventeen. So what about the few Lolis that are still in middle and high school? Being one of the few young teen Lolitas on the EGL community, I can tell you I feel out of place. Everyone around me are in college, while I am stuck here in 8th grade. As much as I want to meet other lolis in my town and be friends with them: I am too young to be hanging out with college students. I often wonder, why are there no other lolitas my age? I guess it is because most middle schooler’s don’t have the dedication, passion and maturity to have Lolita remain a big part of your life for very long. It is not just Lolita I face these problems with, most of my other hobbies have an older audience as well, such as Cosplay and BJD.

Continue reading

To Discuss What Lolita Lifestyle is and How we got to that Conclusion


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This post is made up of a discussion on EGL tinychat, in which we decided we would write a blog post together! The discussion topic was “Lolita Lifestyle”

Define “Lolita Lifestyle”:

lalalalachan: I think a lolita lifestyle is a way of living that compliments lolita, so to me, its about not being princessy or something but being a good person to match loli.

princesskally: Well, whether your buying brand or not, lolita clothes are rather expensive. Especially to the stuff I usually wear, which is somewhat cheap and… tacky, I suppose, at times.

nekomeriil: I think you have to really love the fashion and be motivated to make the money in order to wear it or buy used or off brand, but you also would need to be motivated to find deals, so you can pay for stuff if you aren’t rich.

lalalalachan: Yeah, you gotta be a special kind of person I think, to be so dedicated.

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