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Winter’s approaching along with lots of fuzzy accessories! Fall/Winter is by far my favorite time of the year. Cold weather means velvets, fur and heavy cotton. It also means piling on cute accessories without dieing of heat. Here are some types of winter accessories:

Coats:   Winter coats are a must have in cold weather and I must say, before I got into lolita I hated wearing them, but that is not the case anymore. ♥ I hope to buy another before it gets warm again.   

Brand Coat
Off Brand Coat









Jackets:   For those of us who are cold, but don’t want to cover up our skirt. ^^

Brand Jacket
Off Brand Jacket









Capelets:   Capelets are wonderful. They can give off a kind of “Red Riding Hood” feel and keep you warm.

Brand Capelet
Off Brand Capelet









Fur Capelets:   I’ve never owned one of these, but they are adorable and I bet they are even warmer than normal capelets!

Brand Fur Capelet
Off Brand Capelet

Cardigans:   I love cardigans. They are great to wear by themselves when it isn’t too cold, or under a coat for extra warmth!

Brand Cardigan
Off Brand Cardigan









Boleros:    Boleros are awesome if you can find the right shirt to wear them over. Boleros are great for keeping your arms warm without hiding too much of your blouse.

Brand Bolero
Off Brand Bolero









Detachable Fur Collars:   I love these so much! They keep your neck warm and look great over a coat that isn’t already fur trimmed.

Brand Fur Collar
Off Brand Fur Collar

Earmuffs:   I love these things to death since I dislike getting really cold ears. Now if someone could come up with something cute that keeps your nose warm. . . .

Brand Earmuffs
Off Brand Earmuffs









Shoes with Fur Detailing: Winter comes along and fur gets put on everything, even shoes. These Bodyline Shoes: I can’t whether I hate them or really love them…

Brand Shoes with Fur
Off Brand Shoes with Fur










These are just some of the many lovely winter accessories out there. What are some of your favorites?