I am back everyone! For real this time! I am sorry it took so long. I decided on not having a header because it wasn’t necessary looked a little awkward on the background, but I am finally happy with the appearance of my blog! The background is mouse-drawn by me, and I am pretty proud of it.


From this point on I shall not be a lazy blogger anymore! Future posts will include:

  • Long posts giving advice to other lolitas, discussing my opinion on various things and talking about trends, concepts and other related topics.
  • Tutorials! I really hope to make some good tutorials in the near(ish) future.
  • Photoshoots. I’ve been taking a lot of cosplay photoshoots recently. Now I just need to take some loli ones!
  • One photo posts, item spotlights and quick musings.

I hope my incredibly long hiatus didn’t bore all of you to death. Please keep reading and commenting! I would really like feedback so leave some in a comment!

Thank you all very much!  ^^