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Lolita Lifestyle is just as important as the fashion in my eyes. I like living in a fantasy world and filling my life with cute/creepy/elegant things. The real world is so stressful, these are things you can do to cheer up your day and fill your life with Lolita goodness!

  1. Learn to sew. Make your own dresses, head bows, skirts and blouses!
  2. Learn to draw. Buy the art book ”GothicLolitaPunk” for inspiration.
  3. Buy a tea set and have afternoon tea everyday possible.
  4. Bake cupcakes! Find a good recipe and make it your own!
  5. Buy a dress-form to display your favorite dress.
  6. Buy clip-on ponytails or a elegant wig.
  7. Join the EGL community,EGL_Comm_Sales, and Sew_loli.
  8. When going to an anime convention, attend all the Lolita related panels.
  9. Get a Ball Joint Doll.
  10. Start a collection miscellaneous cute things. Such as tea cups,  jewelry, stuffed animals, ect.
  11. If you are in school, deco your school supplies.
  12. Stock up on parasols and umbrellas.
  13. Visit all your local tea shops.
  14. Get some clothing a bit out of your comfort zone. If you always wear classic, buy a punk piece. If cupcakes are your thing, try spiders.
  15. Decorate your bedroom in a style that matches your dresses! This could be like a lush Gothic castle, a light Victorian feel, or a bright pink, sparkly stuffed animal filled paradise.
  16. Read Alice in Wonderland. Yes the book. Too many people talk about how much “they love Alice in Wonderland” and have only seen the movie(s).
  17. Watch movies directed by Tim Burton. He is amazing. His movies always have that creepy-yet-elegant Gothic feel.
  18. Throw a tea party!
  19. Watch Rozen Maiden or Kuroshitsuji (or other Lolita-ish anime).
  20. Stock up on accessories! Wrist Cuffs, Bags, Cell phone chains…
  21. Decorate a couple plain hats with bows, ribbons flowers ect. Then display them around your room.
  22. Get an old fashion coat and hat stand, and when you get home, you have a lovely place to put your coat and hat!
  23. If you have a cat or dog, deco their food and water dish! Make sure nothing will come off though, just in case. You could also deco the cat carrier, leash, collar or even litter box! (If for some reason you really wanted too)
  24. Bookmark a link to your favorite brand(s). Beware this leads to more spending.
  25. Design a Print and make your own custom print dress.
  26. Get a Lolita-esque cover for your computer, cell phone or iPod.
  27. Get rid of every pair of jeans in your closet.
  28. Listen to some Moi dix Mois, Ali Project, Nana Kitade or simply Victorian waltzing music (or something similar).
  29. Make mini fake deserts out of clay, and make necklaces, rings, earrings or just put them on display.
  30. Search for an old Victorian mirror, or get a plain mirror and deco the frame.
  31. Subscribe to a Gothic Lolita Magazine.
  32. Join EGL Tinychat.
  33. Get a sewing space full of lace, ribbon, ruffles and everything you could imagine putting on a dress.
  34. Buy a Lolita tote bag for all your carrying needs!
  35. Get fancy vintage sunglasses or deco-ed sunglasses for a unique coord or those days when a parasol just isn’t enough, and it is too hot for a bonnet.
  36. Have fun when putting on your make-up. Play with various color combos, try something subtle and something dramatic, get sparkly. Your make-up should not be about “making you look better” it should complement your dress, an extravagant OTT dress with only a base coat of make-up/no make-up at all, would not look as good as an OTT dress with make-up that is sparkly with lots of blush and colorful eyeliner. Just remember, don’t go too crazy on the make-up.
  37. Have fun with your jewelery. Get a lot of different cute things. Whether it be vintage, off-brand or brand, jewelry can make an outfit, and they are cute to display too! Anything from a huge cupcake ring to a simple pearl necklace can be cute!
  38. On that note, get a cute jewelery box, and some old hat boxes, tins ect. They keep you organized and are so cute!
  39. Make a special dress for every holiday.
  40. Go to a meet-up.
  41. Host a Meet-up when there are no meet-ups to go to.
  42. Learn to knit or crochet. There are plenty of cute lolita-esque projects involving these skills.
  43. If possible do a flower-themed photoshoot in the spring, one in a pretty field during the summer, a pumpkin patch photoshoot in the fall, and a snow photoshoot in the winter!
  44. Stock up on lacy aprons, for times you worry about your dress but don’t want to (or can’t) take it off.
  45. Write stories that remind you of Lolita. Maybe a elegant horror story or cutesy romance fantasy (Unicorns, maybe?)
  46. Improve your posture, learn table manners, walk more elegantly, smile (whether it be a cute smile or an evil smile :}).
  47. Buy tons of Gothic Lolita Bibles and Kera Magazines then fill and entire shelf with them. Spend an entire day admiring the pictures, getting inspired and learning the patterns (or reading them if you can!)
  48. Write a list of Lolita related goals for yourself on fancy paper in you best handwriting (the fancier the better) or typed in fancy font, then hang it on your wall. Cross out each goal with pride as you complete them.
  49. Always wear bloomers! They (at least for me) make you feel cute inside and out!!
  50. Give all your stuffed animals some sort of accessory! Cats with tail  bows, dogs with ear bows, monkeys with dresses… Whatever your imagination desires!
  51. Don’t forget the daily cupcake! (Okay this one might not be all that good for you, I don’t recommend it, but still…metaphorical daily cupcake?)
  52. Have at least one dress of each style in your wardrobe. Don’t limit yourself, I mentioned this before.
  53. It is okay to have a wardrobe that overflows your closet! More fun that way. 😀
  54. Make some friends that are Lolis! Either connect with some through your local comm, get lucky and meet one without planning it, or convert a friend you already have.
  55. Grow your hair out and get bangs.
  56. Always have a little stash of cute Japanese candy somewhere, the ones with little animals and bright colors and such.
  57. If you have a Cosplay.com, be sure to visit the EGL board frequently.
  58. Join all the Lolita clubs on DA.
  59. On days you can’t wear loli, wear something that represent lolita for you. In other words instead of completely wearing normal clothing on the days wear you can’t wear lolita, wear a cute pair of jeans or simple skirt, simple cutsew or cute t-shirt and a headbow. That you never are without Lolita!
  60. Get some cute pads of paper for taking notes. I have one with vintage dresses on it.
  61. Cupcake mints. Get some. One of my non-loli friends has these. They are amazing. They are these little candies that taste like cupcakes!
  62. If you own a BJD, whenever you buy a new dress, try to make a matching/similar one for the doll (or when you get a new dress for the doll, try to make a matching one for yourself!)
  63. Own several petticoats. A cupcake, an A-line, a longer one, a shorter one, tulle, organza ect.
  64. Take dance lessons. Ballroom dancing, Ballet, ect. Learning dance with help you be more elegant in general, and what lolita wouldn’t like going to an elegant ball?
  65. Travel in Style! Don’t let traveling make you less fashionable. Get an old fashion suitcase and fill it with Loli. Isn’t wearing loli worth carrying a slightly heavier suitcase? Besides old fashioned suitcases look so amazing. Also take the train as a form of travel whenever possible. It is much classier than road trips. Also stay in a bed and breakfast instead of hotel. Especially one in an old Victorian house.
  66. Take baths full of bubbles, bath salts, bath bombs, etc. Baths are much more ladylike than showers.
  67. Either make or buy a lolita stationary kit. Fancy paper, envelopes, elegant stamps and pens. Even sealing wax!
  68. On that note, actually send letters! In this day and age everyone uses email. There is nothing special about receiving an email, but getting a letter is something else. Especially if you are receiving it from another loli with her own personal stationary kit.
  69. Learn to play violin or piano. They are nice, feminine, classic instruments that are very elegant, old-fashion and make for excellent photoshoots or party entertainment.
  70. Throw old fashion parties. Whether they be garden parties, dinner parties or dances, just make sure they have lots of classical music, elegant food and most importantly fancy clothing!
  71. Take daily strolls around the park, by a river or in the forest. Breath some fresh air, take pictures and carry your parasol!
  72. Next time you go to the beach wear a casual sailor loli outfit, bring an elegant picnic blanket and basket. Drink lemonade with various berries, eat cucumber sandwiches, and ice cream! Go sightseeing and carry your parasol. Visit the old lighthouses. Walk along the beach and watch the sunset, then sleep in fancy beach-side hotel in your lolita nightgown!
  73. Watch interviews with various designers, Mana-sama, and well-known lolitas.
  74. Buy some goods or home decor from a brand. Every once in a while brands release something other than clothing, and -some like Victorian Maiden- have an actual section for things like that.
  75. Keep your closet organized! Your dresses shouldn’t be living in a pigsty!
  76. Start a lolita blog of your own.
  77. Broaden your wardrobe to hold some lolita cousins as well.  Aristocrat, Decora, Steampunk, Kodana and such.
  78. Be nice. Prove to people that lolitas aren’t rude and elitist.
  79. On days when tea simply doesn’t sound tasty, drink hot chocolate,  apple cider or lemonade from a tea cup!
  80. Learn how to make tarts. (Then send me some~) xD
  81. If you can sew, make jewelery, decorate hats etc.  Sell them for clothing money! Sell things to the lolita community, then buy from the lolita community. It is a cycle!
  82. Learn old fashion etiquette. Even if you don’t use it all the time, it is a good skill to have.
  83. Go to plays, musicals and concerts in Lolita.
  84. Visit places like San Fransico, Paris, Osaka, or where ever is the closest city with a Lolita Store.
  85. Try to write a 100 ways to lollita-ify your life of your own.
  86. Never go anywhere without a bleach pen, or something you can use in case of a stain.
  87. Buy second hand! It is cheaper, which means you can have a larger wardrobe.
  88. Get a Wardrobe! I mean like the piece of furniture in “The Chronicles of Narnia”. The older the better, as long as it is in good condition. The ones with keys are so cool!
  89. If your local anime convention is short on lolita panels, host one!
  90. If you have the chance, wear lolita to the prom!
  91. If you have siblings, dress them up if you have the chance! They may hate it, but you will be amused. Don’t forget the pictures!
  92. Find some ways to incorporate Lolita into school projects. You could do a research project on the history of lolita fashion, or write an essay about why you decided to wear lolita.
  93. If your school has it, take home-ec, fashion design, photography or art in general.
  94. Get a job at a local fashion shop, retro thrift store or antique shop.
  95. Never buy any new furniture, have all antiques.
  96. Find ways to incorporate some not so loli accessories into and loli coord.
  97. Organize a day where you do nothing but finish the sewing projects you started and never finished. Wear those things the next day.
  98. Put a big mirror and a light in your walk-in closet (if you have one)
  99. Get some cute wigs to wear as part of a coord.
  100. Start your own Indie Brand!

OMG. I DID IT. I FINISHED IT. I have been working on this for weeks. It is done! Of course I am not gonna say “You must do all of these things in order to be a lolita!” Eheh, no. These are just suggestions. I hope you enjoy them!