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With Lolita fashion being what it is, you would expect the majority of the people wearing it to be young girls. This is not the case. From my experience, it appears that most Lolitas are in their twenty’s, and you would be hard pressed to find very many Lolis under the age of seventeen. So what about the few Lolis that are still in middle and high school? Being one of the few young teen Lolitas on the EGL community, I can tell you I feel out of place. Everyone around me are in college, while I am stuck here in 8th grade. As much as I want to meet other lolis in my town and be friends with them: I am too young to be hanging out with college students. I often wonder, why are there no other lolitas my age? I guess it is because most middle schooler’s don’t have the dedication, passion and maturity to have Lolita remain a big part of your life for very long. It is not just Lolita I face these problems with, most of my other hobbies have an older audience as well, such as Cosplay and BJD.

As far as the problems go, there are many. No way could I meet someone at a meet-up to hang out with outside of meet-ups. I am always the youngest person on EGL tinychat, and feel really out of place when they start talking about living on their own, going to work, college, marriage, kids etc.  Occasionally, I come across a really cool contest that says 16+ or something like that. Also, affording to wear lolita when you are this young is difficult. I don’t have a rich family, so at the moment I own no brand. If I was to get a brand piece, I would have to pay for it myself, and I am too young to legally have a job. Not to mention the fact that middle school is not the most lovely place to where lolita fashion in. The hallways smell like Axe, fake perfume and school lunch, the people are mean and some are ready to make fun of your outfit whenever possible.

Of course being a younger Lolita isn’t absolutely terrible. I often here people talking about how they wish they looked younger. Actually, being as young many lolitas wish to look is a major plus to looking good in very many dresses. Also, being younger means I get many years of my life that I can wear this fashion with looking like an old lady going through an odd  mid-life crisis. I have more time to work on my sewing skills, grow out my hair and collect the most spectacular wardrobe ever. I can write this blog for years and learn about lolita from many perspectives.

I know I am not the only Young Lolita out there (although sometimes it may feel like it) so this won’t be the only post I will do about age. Eventually, I want to write a post giving some tips about how to make the most out of being  younger than everyone else. After all, I have many years to go until get to the average age of most lolitas!