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This post is made up of a discussion on EGL tinychat, in which we decided we would write a blog post together! The discussion topic was “Lolita Lifestyle”

Define “Lolita Lifestyle”:

lalalalachan: I think a lolita lifestyle is a way of living that compliments lolita, so to me, its about not being princessy or something but being a good person to match loli.

princesskally: Well, whether your buying brand or not, lolita clothes are rather expensive. Especially to the stuff I usually wear, which is somewhat cheap and… tacky, I suppose, at times.

nekomeriil: I think you have to really love the fashion and be motivated to make the money in order to wear it or buy used or off brand, but you also would need to be motivated to find deals, so you can pay for stuff if you aren’t rich.

lalalalachan: Yeah, you gotta be a special kind of person I think, to be so dedicated.

Should all Lolita’s have a Lolita lifestyle?

nekomeriil: I don’t think you must live the life to wear the clothes.

princesskally: @nekomeriil: Agreed.

nekomeriil: But living the life is definitely a great part! I wouldn’t want to miss out.

lalalalachan: Very true! I think all lolis should at least have a bit of the lifestyle in them.

nekomeriil: Well there is the personality aspect we talked about. The motivated Lolita loving person.

princesskally: I think, if you wear the clothes long enough, then it will eventually bleed into your life.

lalalalachan: I hate seeing a beautiful Lolita being bitchy or bad, its like it tarnishes the clothes.

nekomeriil: I hate that too!

princesskally: Yeah. It feels… out of place.

What are some aspects of Lolita Life?

cherishamoment: Lolita bedroom!

nekomeriil: Afternoon tea. I think that is a nice aspect of Lolita lifestyle to have when possible.

lalalalachan:I don’t think you really need to do them XD Its just seen that you should do them.

nekomeriil: You don’t need to, but you can.

princesskally: I think, lolita might be reflected in be the types of products you gravitate towards?

cherishamoment: yep!

nekomeriil: It comes out in your other hobbies too. You could sew, knit, embroider, bake, collect BJD, make jewelery, draw.

lalalalachan: I think loli kinda…. predisposes you to do those things.

cherishamoment: Anime and manga?

nekomeriil: I don’t think it directly connects, but I love it, but Anime came first for me.

princesskally: Depends on the person I think. I think, sometimes, people will be led into Lolita through anime/manga. Now I’ve completely lost interest in anime and manga.

How much of your life do you put into Lolita?

cinnamonhusky: Okayy, well I wear Lolita about 2-3 times per month, it depends on do I have any chance to wear it. I could wear lolita at school, but winters in Finland are cold so most of the time it’s too cold for loli. Lolita affects to my life a lot. I spend time with it every day and well I spend most of my money to it (if you don’t count rent and bills).

nekomeriil: Lolita takes up SO much of my life. I am gonna have a classic Victorian bedroom, and I love tea and BJD. My drawing style has gotten more of the gothic and lolita-esque sort, and I have a blog and want to start my own brand. So I would say I am obsessed.  Lolita and BJD only competes with Anime/manga and cosplay in my life. I spend WAY much more time and money on Lolita than the others though.

princesskally: I don’t actually wear lolita clothes. However, I find that lolita influences my life. The random doodles I draw tend to gravitate towards lolita-esque clothes. and, I find looking at Lolita outfits(and other pretty stuff) helps inspire me, a sort of ‘muse’ if you will. Helps me get over writers block xD I find myself spending more time lurking on lolita communities, instead of the anime communities that I used to lurk at, xD When i’m buying accessories, I tend to gravitate towards stuff that would look nice with Lolita.

lalalalachan: Ammount of Lolita in my life? A lot XD Sadly I’m not able to wear Lolita everyday, because I come from Australia, and its so hot, I can’t wear it or I get heatstroke 😦 anyway,  love to wear lolita because its beautiful and its “lifestyle” already fits me. I’ve always tried to live a good, clean life. no alchohol, no drugs, no sex, no badness XD and lolita fits with my life so well! So the “lolita lifestyle” for me is something on the inside, its not about sewing and drinking tea to me XD

Any final things you would like to say?

nortongirl: I think a lolita should be a nice person, reading books and being educated. (I don’t mean attending to harvard just have the basic + a bit more cultivation.)

lalalalachan: I guess we can easily say that there is no one “lolita Lifestyle”

princesskally: Yeah, it depends on the individual.

lalalalachan: Its all what you want it to be.

princesskally: Although there are some broader, “general” concepts which tend to incorporate itself into the lives of people.

nekomeriil: Like how most of us like tea and being nice, good human beings.

lalalalachan: Would be nice if everyone could see this kinda thing, so the sterotypical view would go XD

nekomeriil: What we have found it that the lifestyle comes if you are passionate about Lolita.

lalalalachan: Its not something you can force yourself into I guess. It comes from the love of lolita and all it symbolises 😛

princesskally: and it may “bleed” into your life at times.